AMR Gold was incorporated in Sierra Leone in 2011. In the same year it applied for and was granted 4 Exploration Licences with 3 being in the Loko Hills greenstone area.

Between 2011 and 2013 the company carried out extensive exploration work focused on multimillion ounce bedrock gold targets. Five priority targets were defined and one was “scout” drill tested with sporadic economic intersections.

At this time the global economic downturn and low metal prices dictated the company had to re focus from high capital long lead time bedrock gold targets to low capex/opex alluvial/ eluvial targets.

As a result there have been changes to both the board and management team. The new management team have now defined a pipeline of very attractive multi-commodity targets within the AMR Gold EL’s and are on track to commence their first alluvial / eluvial Small Scale Mining operation for coltan, gold and tin in the Loko Hills area in Q4 2015.

AMR Gold intend to initiate cooperative artisanal mining within their EL’s to legalise, regularise and provide sustainable employment and community benefits to all local stakeholders and landowners.

The company is working in close collaboration with the NMA, EPA and local authorities to ensure the co-operative artisanal mining ventures are viable and particularly with regards to the rehabilitation of mined areas to provide agricultural ground, possible fish farming ponds and improve water quality to support food security.

As a socially responsible business and a large private sector employer in Sierra Leone, AMR Gold has developed and implemented community  programmes in the Company’s areas of operation.

To date the company has supported the following local community initiatives and programmes:

  • Rehabilitating local public roads serving the Fiama and Sella Limba communities
  • Developing the educational sector in remote areas of the country.
  • Initiating co-operative artisanal mining groups
  • Introducing community agriculture projects

AMR Gold actively supported the government and local community during the Ebola outbreak and will continue its support for local community projects within its Exploration Licence areas.