AMR Gold supports prospective teachers

The Head Teacher of the Roman Catholic Primary School in Kathanta village, Kayimbor Section- John Mansaray – has revealed that AMR Gold Exploration Company is funding salaries to pay potential teachers for three months, in order to help them begin a career in the profession.


John Mansaray in front of RC Primary school renovated by AMR Gold

The Head Teacher was speaking over the weekend during the turning of soil for the building of the first Secondary School in Kathanta, a project which is also being funded by AMR Gold.

Mr Mansaray explained that the school had written a series of letters to the Bombali District Council and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology but the required action was not taken to address the situation. He said AMR Gold’s timely intervention is crucial, adding that the company is playing a supportive role in ensuring that Sierra Leone becomes a middle-income country with a well-educated healthy population.

Commending AMR Gold Directors, Management and staff for always seeking the welfare of the community, John Mansaray appealed to the Government of Sierra Leone through its line agencies to continue to provide support to genuine companies such as AMR Gold, without which, he said their investment could not be categorized safe.

One of the beneficiaries thanked and appreciated AMR Gold management for coming to their aid at this important moment. He pointed out that he has volunteered for more than 4 years without being approved by the Education Ministry.


AMR Gold’s constructing secondary school in Kathanta village

Quoting a phrase from popular German Philosopher and Mathematician-Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, “Make me the master of education, and I will undertake to change the world,” AMR Gold’s Community Liaison Coordinator, John Paul Moriba said the company believes in education because it plays a vital role in shaping tomorrow’s leaders. He therefore urged all parents to make use of this opportunity and send their children to school.

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