AMR Gold Pays Over 60 Million To Landowners

The subsidiary company of one of Sierra Leone’s leading Exploration Companies-AMR Gold has paid Sixty Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Leones (Le 62,500,000) to the landowning families in Kathanta and Kathirie villages as Land rent.

At a ceremony organized in Kamkwie, Sella Limba Chiefdom, Wilkinson Hill Mining Company paid local landowners of Kathirie and Kathanta villages the first annual payment of surface rent in accordance with the agreement they have signed with the company.  The Katherie and Kathantha landowners, who own the one square kilometer of land demarcated for the Small Scale Mining Licence, received a total of sixty-two and a half million Leones (Le 62,500,000).


PC Kandeh  Luseni III receiving the money from AMR Gold’s Community Liaison Coordinator

Addressing over five hundred locals at the Kamakwie Court Barry, John P. Moriba-AMR Gold’s Community Liaison Coordinator disclosed that the payment is meant for the land owning families as enshrined in the community development agreement.

Handing over the Sixty Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Leones in cash to the Paramount Chief of Sella Limba Chiefdom, J.P.Moriba encouraged him to take note of the various percentages enshrined in the Mines and Minerals Act of 2009.

PC Luseni III said AMR Gold leadership has demonstrated honesty and transparency in carrying out their operation since 2011. He assured them that the money will be shared equitably for the benefit of every member of the family.

“I am sure this prompt payment will now demonstrate to the land owing families that AMR Gold is a true partner to lean on,” said PC Luseni.

Pa Sainy A. Dumbuya on behalf of the land owing families of Kathirie said, “I am impressed and speechless at the same time.” He added that “despite the previous community fracas in Kayimbor Section, AMR Gold has not ceased from supporting the community and the locals in particular.”

According to him, the Government through the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources made no mistake in encouraging AMR Gold Directors to come and invest in Sierra Leone.


Pa Sainy A. Dumbuya signs on behalf of the Kathirie landowners

He stressed that they have never received such a fantastic amount for the use of their lands by any company since mining ever started in their chiefdom.

He prayed that more genuine investors join hands with AMR Gold to expand on the company’s operations across the world.

The land rent payments to the landowners of Katherie and Kathata on 30th March 2016 was made in the presence of the Member of Parliament-Dr. Roland F. Kargbo, Representative of the National Minerals Agency Regional Office, Local Council representative, journalists and various local leaders as well as the Land owing families from Kayimbor section.

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