AMR Gold supports the Implementation of Local Content Policy

In order to create the platform wherein the economic and social benefits of major extractive companies in Sierra Leone impact local citizens, the Government of Sierra Leone has approved the implementation of its first Local Content Policy which was legislated in May 2012. This is in line with the government’s poverty reduction drive.

In enforcing the implementation of the country’s Local Content Policy to reach its targets, the Government has called on employers of private businesses to employ qualified Sierra Leoneans to top management and other managerial positions to beef up the local economy.


AMR Gold Head of Admin and Finance-Mohamed Daffae

In pledging his company’s support to the successful implementation of the Country’s Local Content Policy, the Administrative and Finance Manager of AMR Gold Exploration Company, Mr. Mohamed Sultan Daffae, said AMR Gold has 99.9 percent Sierra Leonean employees working in Chiefdoms of Sella Limba and Sanda Loko.

Daffae said as a Sierra Leonean himself, he is proud that the Government of Sierra Leone has initiated such policy and organized a private-public dialogue so that employers can also pledge the support of their respective companies or organizations. He said the Local Content Policy was legislated to create an opportunity for local business people to maximize the benefits from the increasing private investment. He said the challenges affecting the private sector especially the small scale enterprises is alarming, noting that it is only with collaborative efforts that those challenges would be addressed.

According to him, the lack of affordable financing and adequate skills will require long-term planning and prioritization by the government to ensure effective implementation of the policy. He is optimistic that with the required skills training and education, the policies could be achieved.


Participants from the private sector during a panel discussion

He appealed to significant players such as the members of the Ministerial Committee on Local Content, the private sector–mining companies, major agribusiness companies, business associations, industry associations, contractors, development partners and Civil Society Organisation to come forward and support the policy to its fullest.

“AMR Gold is very supportive to the people of Sella Limba and Sanda Loko Chiefdoms,” Daffae said, adding that the collaboration has been successful so far.

Daffae pointed out that AMR Gold has employed Sierra Leoneans from Senior Management to junior staff level who are contributing immensely to the growth and development of the company.

The story was also published on local media outlets and can be found here.

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