Chief Soko Turay Urges Companies To Emulate AMR Gold

The Chief of Kamakwie Section in Bombali District, Northern Sierra Leone-Pa Alimamay Soko Turay has urged other mining and exploration companies in Sierra Leone to emulate the good work of AMR Gold.

Chief Soko Turay made this appeal yesterday to a cross section of investigative journalists from the print and electronic media who went on a fact finding mission in Kamakwie town and its environs.


Chief Soko Turay appealing to other companies to boost their operational community

He used the opportunity to urge companies operating in Sella Limba and other Chiefdoms to emulate the good work of AMR Gold. AMR Gold started operation in Sella Limba in 2011 as an exploration company but the company has been very impressive by taking development to people in the villages.


SLBC TV Journalist-Aki Hubard walking on one of the graded roads leading to Kathanta

AMR Gold built the first concrete school in Kayigrana where there was no existing school and further constructed bridges and expanded roads linking villages in the Chiefdom.

The Kamakwie Chief revealed that he had witnessed numerous donations provided by the company as a livelihood support to the less privileged aged men and women in Kathanta village and elsewhere.

He informed that AMR Gold did not cease operation at the height of the Ebola virus, noting that even though the Ebola crisis badly affected the country leading to the closure of businesses, AMR Gold came in to provide support to Ebola victims and quarantined homes.

He went on to state that when officials of the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources and the National Minerals Agency(NMA), led by the Director of Mines visited their Chiefdom, they publicly disclosed that AMR Gold has been granted three exploration licenses with exclusive mineral right.

As a Chiefdom that is supportive to the Government, Chief Soko Turay said they are providing the enabling business environment for a genuine company like AMR Gold to continue their work uninterruptedly.

He encouraged other journalists to conduct a tour to verify his information in order to prove him wrong.