Who we are

AMR Gold comprises a group of well respected international investors, managers, administrators, geoscientists, environmental and community experts who believe they can play an active and key but minor role in the post-Ebola rehabilitation of the Sierra Leonean mining sector.

Sierra Leone’s mining sector was hit in 2014 by the demise of both of its major iron ore companies, London Mining and African Minerals. In the present and medium term, given global iron ore and other mineral commodity demand, supply and pricing, it will need a combination of investors with strong support from the government to again make mining a strong contributor to the country’s economy.

AMR Gold has a team of very experienced geoscientists, environmentalists and community experts as well as a group of managers, whom all but one are Sierra Leonean nationals, who strongly believe in the development of the country’s mining sector in full compliance with the Mining and Minerals Laws and the new but critically important Bribery and Corruption Laws.

The multi-skilled team provides an effective and efficient platform on which to identify and evaluate potentially economic mineral deposits. The team has clearly demonstrated this over the 4 years of the initial 3 AMR Gold Loko Hills Exploration Licences, by not only identifying and defining a minimum of 7 coltan, gold, tin, REE, and diamond targets, and also by applying for a Small Scale Mining (SSM) Licence for coltan, gold and tin for an area north of Kamakwei.

The SSM Licence application has been approved by the National Minerals Agency and is awaiting the approval of the Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) report submitted by AMR Gold to the Environment and Protection Agency. Commercial mining is expected to commence in Q4 2015.

The company has also identified an eluvial gold resource over which it intends to apply for a SSM Licence as part of its portfolio of small scale development projects that are constantly being upgraded.

These SSM developments, together with the associated artisanal cooperative mining initiatives could represent sustainable growth centres throughout Sierra Leone that could improve living standards and possibly develop into larger commercial mining operations over time.

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